*Can my kids get out of the stroller? If you can supervise them out of the stroller, you can let them get out. It's up to you! As long as the child doesn't interfere with the smaller children or participant safety/exercise, and the child is also safe, that is the most important thing. Safety first! Please note: It has proven to be much easier to focus on your workout with children in the strollers. Just something to keep in mind! At the end, we incorporate the kids into the exercises out of the strollers and play with bubbles!

*Can I participate if I'm pregnant? Yes! But of course, talk to your doctor about this! You are welcome to come and take it at you own pace. Modifications will be given. Please note: It is best not to start a new exercise program when pregnant IF you have been previously sedentary.

*What if my child becomes fussy?  No problem! This happens to us all at some point. If you need to feed, hold, change, entertain or care for your baby do not hesitate! The children come first!

*What if I haven't worked out recently?
The class is for all levels! Come and do your best, it will get easier the more you come. Don't feel like you have to do everything every time, work up to it!

*How soon after delivery can I join classes? If you are a new mom, please wait until you have your 6 week check up (vaginal delivery) or 8 week (post c-section delivery) and have exercise clearance from a doctor before taking class.

*What should I bring?‚Äč Bring water, a snack for your child (or yourself!), yoga mat or towel, sunscreen and a set of 5-8lb dumbbells.